The Why + When of Sex

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Healthy Relationships

Intended for youth, our interactive presentation encourages evaluation of sexual activity, and healthy relationships.

We aspire to empower teens to be self-directed by equipping them with problem-solving strategies in the face of sexual pressure. These assist them in making healthy choices recognizing the significance of their current choices in shaping their futures.

Learning Objectives


To contribute to your school’s objective in fulfilling the Planning 10 PLO’s, (C3, C6 and C7), as well as meeting BC’s NEW Draft Curriculum Objectives for Physical Education 10 and Family Studies 10/11


To thoughtfully evaluate life goals and how their sexual activity will affect those goals


To inspire students to make healthy choices, value themselves, and respect each other


To inform on the rewards of sexual integrity (being true to personal convictions) and the pitfalls of giving in to peer and social pressures


To discuss potential consequences of being sexually active, including risks of Sexually Transmitted Infections

What Teachers are saying …

Students were still talking about it the next day! They said it was the most influential presentation they’ve ever seen!

The realness, personal stories and nonjudgemental approach was amazing! Related so well to the kids and got down to their level.

Very engaging. Thought provoking. Done in a positive manner.

Let’s have the hard conversations…

Motivating students to make healthy decisions about sex that are consistent with their goals, beliefs and values rather than decisions based on social and peer pressure.

What Students are saying …

It was my favourite presentation of the year!

It wasn’t awkward like I thought it would be.

The statistics were shocking; a real eye opener.

Very relatable! The speakers had first hand experience, so the presentation was genuine.

I really learned a lot!

We’ve got dates open for your students!

The presenters are pleased to bring the same encouraging message at NO CHARGE to your students. It lasts 70 minutes before Q&A.